We’re a top rated local Subaru repair services shop in San Leandro, CA, Subaru is known as one of the most reliable affordable vehicle brands, especially for people who want a car that can handle getting big loads of groceries, going camping, or just generally being an all-purpose vehicle. However, Subarus are definitely a vehicle brand that’s only as good as the care that goes into them. Not only will qualified mechanics help your Subaru last longer, but they can also warn you about known issues with different models, and work with you to create a preventive maintenance plan designed to keep your Subaru on the road for as long as possible. Precision Auto Care serves the greater East Bay area, including San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward, Oakland, and San Lorenzo. Not sure Precision Auto Care is right for you? We understand. Let’s take a look at some of the Subaru models we already service so you can see a bit of how we approach car care and maintenance.


Major Tune-Up

Looking for a top-rated local auto repair shop to tune up your vehicle? We offer major tune-up services including spark plug replacement, oil change, belt and hose replacement, windshield wiper replacement, fluid refilling, tire check, balancing and rotation, and more. Schedule an appointment today!

Brake Replacement

Is it time for new brakes? Are you hearing any squeaking or screeching coming from your car? It may be just your brake pads, or you might need a complete brake replacement. Just bring your car in or have it towed to our shop and we’ll take a look.


The real joy of the BRZ is that it’s almost as fun as the more premium sports sedans, but at half the price or less, and with all the premium tuning packed into a more affordable package. The BRZ comes packed with a manual transmission and a shifter that’s easy to use and slots into place cleanly, good for experienced drivers and newbies learning a manual both. But, like all Subaru vehicles, the best performance only happens when the BRZ gets regular maintenance and at least a little TLC from its mechanic. Checking on the transmission, engine, fuel system, and brakes are all important with the BRZ.


The Crosstrek is one of Subaru’s more popular models for commuters and families alike. It’s somewhere between a Subaru Outback and Honda’s CR-V. Something like an overgrown Outback, its hatchback design is big, comfortable, and great for camping and other outdoor adventures. That said, the Crosstrek doesn’t have the clearance or suspension of a Jeep, which means that you need to make sure you’re taking it to your mechanic regularly for checkups. The harder you push your Crosstrek the more important it is to make sure there isn’t some hidden problem developing under the hood. Read More …


The Impreza is a good budget option if you’re looking for a sedan that gets the job done, and doesn’t need any special features or flash to come with it. That said, the Impreza’s transmission needs attention if you’re going to ask it to take many challenges, and the all-wheel-drive works, but the suspension takes some TLC if you want to keep the ride smooth. The Impreza only offers middle-of-the-road fuel economy. Overall, good for the price, but needs a mechanic to keep it working well. Read More …


The 4 trim levels on the Subaru WRX offer a lot of different performance options, with different engine and transmission options at different levels, this is a sports vehicle that needs a mechanic prepared for variety and versatility. This vehicle is a great drive and a lot of fun but doesn’t have the kind of internal pressure or torque to need a lot of specialized maintenance. That said, it still needs regular tune-ups, oil changes, brake checks, and special attention to the transmission and engine if you want to race.


From the name, you might expect a retro design on the Subaru Legacy. That isn’t what you’re getting. The Legacy is a modern mid-size sedan with enough power and performance to be fun to drive, and enough safety features to make it a reasonable family sedan. In terms of maintenance, the main thing is keeping an eye on the engine, the head gasket, and making sure the suspension is well-tuned for all-wheel-drive. Whether you’re driving a Subaru because they’re affordable commuters or affordable sports vehicles, you deserve a mechanic that will work to keep them running their best. If that’s what you’re looking for, give Precision Auto Care a call – we’ll make sure you’re taken care of._