We’re a top rated local Land Rover Discovery repair services shop in San Leandro, CA. As a Land Rover Discovery owner, you likely chose this capable SUV for its renowned off-road prowess blended with luxury appointments. However, even these well-engineered vehicles need periodic maintenance and repairs. At Precision Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians have specialized knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose issues and service Discovery models spanning 2004-present.

Whether you’re experiencing air suspension faults, drivetrain leaks or electrical gremlins in your Discovery Series II, III, IV or V, we provide transparent diagnoses and reliable solutions tailored to these unique Land Rovers. Read on to learn about the common problems we address to keep local Discoverys running smoothly.


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1. Air Suspension Leaks and Compressor Failure

To provide a smooth ride and adjustable ground clearance for off-roading, Land Rover Discovery models since 2004 employ computer-controlled air suspension systems. However, after years of thermal cycling, the air springs, valves, lines, fittings and compressors are prone to air leaks and failure.

On 2004-2016 Discovery 3 and 4 models, the most common air suspension issues involve leaks causing ride height changes, bouncing/bottoming over bumps and flashing warning lights. On 2017-present Discovery 5 models, seized compressors are more prevalent. In all cases, ignoring suspension faults risks damaging other components from instability.

Our Land Rover specialists test your Discovery’s air springs and lines for leaks using pressure tests and leak detector dyes. We replace any degraded air bladders, valves, fittings, lines and seals to restore a leak-free system, and install new compressors if originals have failed. This comprehensive air suspension restoration returns tight handling control and stable ride height.

2. Oil Leaks From Main Rear Seal

On 2004-2016 Discovery Series III/IV models with the Jaguar-derived V8 engine, the main rear crankshaft seal bonding the engine and transmission is prone to shrinkage and oil leaks over time. Small leaks tend to rapidly worsen as more oil reaches the deteriorating seal edge.

Ignoring rear main seal leaks causes oil to drip onto the clutch and flywheel, resulting in slippage and transmission damage over time due to poor lubrication. Our technicians will replace your Discovery’s leaking rear main seal, inspection the clutch components, and top up oil levels once the transmission is reinstalled with the fresh seal. This prevents leaks from worsening and causing additional repairs.

3. Coolant Leaks From Thermostat Housing

The thermostat housing on 2004-2016 Discovery models with the Jaguar V8 engine tends to crack and leak coolant as vehicles age, causing sweet smells from under the hood and fluid pooling below. Any cooling system leakage if left unchecked can quickly escalate to disastrous overheating events.

Our technicians will pressure test your Discovery’s cooling system to identify all leak sources, replace the cracked thermostat housing, and examine all hoses and water pumps for seepage that must also be addressed. This comprehensive cooling system renewal prevents leaks from worsening and allows proper heat dissipation to protect your expensive Land Rover powerplant.

4. Faulty Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings on all modern Discovery generations see heavy loads off-roading, and their seals deteriorate with exposure to moisture and trail debris over the years. Damaged bearings first cause vibration and roaring at higher speeds, which turns to catastrophic failure if ignored.

We thoroughly assess wheel end play and bearing noise on lifts. Any discovery with rough, loose or noisy bearings will have those bearings replaced with reliable high-capacity units, along with hub seals/hardware to prevent premature repeats of wear and moisture ingress. This keeps handling stable and prevents broken axle shafts.

5. Transmission Leaks and Shifting Issues

Land Rover Discovery models utilize an advanced ZF 6HP automatic transmission designed for off-road applications. However, the valve body gaskets and seals still wear and shrink over time, causing leaks and reduced line pressure that brings shifting problems.

Our technicians will trace the origin of any transmission leaks or shifting complaints and replace all degraded seals and gaskets to renew tightness. If transmission filters and fluids are overdue for replacement, we perform those services to eliminate debris and restore smooth shifts. We verify transmissions operate cleanly after repairs.

6. Malfunctioning Air Conditioning System

Modern Discovery SUVs rely on R134a air conditioning systems with compressors, condensers, evaporators and an array of sensors and actuators to deliver sufficient cabin cooling in hot weather. However, any portion of these complex systems can malfunction over time.

Our Land Rover specialists have the tools and knowledge to revive ailing AC systems in Discoverys of any model year. We recharge emptied refrigerant, replace leaking hoses/seals, repair electrical faults in sensors and wiring, and install new compressors/evaporators if key components have failed. This comprehensive troubleshooting restores reliable cooling.

7. Fuel Injector Failure

On 2004-2016 Discovery models with the Jaguar-derived V8 engine, the high-pressure fuel injectors are prone to clogging from fuel contamination over years of heat cycling. Clogged injectors cause misfires, power loss and performance issues that worsen over time if not addressed.

Our technicians use specialty injector cleaning chemicals and ultrasonic processes to restore clean operation to contaminated Land Rover injectors on Series III/IV models, eliminating misfires and roughness. If injectors are too badly fouled, we replace them with reliable Bosch or Denso equivalents to OEM parts. This renews smooth power delivery.

Trust the Land Rover Service Experts

While routine maintenance is crucial for any vehicle, the complex systems in Land Rovers require precise troubleshooting when issues arise. As ASE Master Technicians experienced in European vehicles, we have the tools and knowledge to properly diagnose problems in modern Discovery SUVs and restore their capabilities. Contact Precision Auto Care today to schedule your Land Rover service!