We’re a top rated local Ford GT repair services shop in San Leandro, CA. Owning the modern 2005-2006 Ford GT comes with the thrill and pride of driving an incredibly capable American supercar. However, even these exclusive vehicles need periodic maintenance and repairs as components wear over time. At Precision Auto Care, our ASE certified technicians have specialized knowledge and equipment to properly diagnose and service your prized GT.

Whether you’re experiencing fluid leaks, electrical issues, drivability problems or suspension faults on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, we provide transparent diagnoses and reliable solutions tailored to these unique vehicles. We understand the GT demands meticulous care and quality components to perform at its engineered limits.

Read on to learn about the common Ford GT problems we address to keep local examples running smoothly for years to come.


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Brake Replacement

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1. Leaking Front Lift Hydraulics

The 2005-2006 Ford GT features a hydraulic nose lift function to clear steep driveways and speed bumps without scraping that ultralow chin spoiler. Over time though, the hydraulic cylinders, lines, fittings and seals wear out, allowing fluid to leak past worn points.

When the GT’s front lift hydraulics leak, you may notice the front end taking longer to fully raise or struggling to lift at all. Leaks can also prevent the front from lowering properly once raised, leaving it stuck in the upward position. This drastically increases the risk of scraping and damage to the GT’s vulnerable front fascia and splitter.

If you see clear, oily fluid pooling under the front of your 2005-2006 GT or experience sluggish/incomplete lift operation, hydraulic leaks are likely the culprit. Our Ford GT specialists will thoroughly inspect the lift cylinders, hoses, fittings and seals for any signs of deterioration or seepage. We replace any degraded components that are allowing hydraulic fluid to escape with new OEM-quality parts.

This comprehensive replacement of leaking lift hydraulics prevents fluid loss and restores normal raising/lowering function. You’ll have confidence again clearing inclines and driveways without worrying about scraping your prized GT’s chin. Preventing front lift issues protects the beauty and value of these exclusive modern supercars.

2. Worn Suspension Bushings

The 2005-2006 Ford GT is engineered for incredible grip and sharp handling capabilities thanks to its racing-derived suspension design. However, over tens of thousands of miles, the rubber suspension bushings that isolate the components from the chassis experience natural wear and degradation.

When the important chassis bushings crack, tear or excessively stretch with age, you’ll notice a loss of precision in the GT’s ultra-responsive suspension. Issues include vague steering feel, increased body roll in corners, rattling/clunking over bumps and uneven tire wear as alignment is affected. In severe cases of bushing deterioration, you may even see visible tears or complete chunks missing.

Our Ford GT specialists will thoroughly inspect the condition of all suspension bushings on your 2005-2006 car if you notice a degradation in ride quality, handling precision or alignment. We check the critical rubber isolators at the control arms, tie rods, sway bar links, strut mounts and subframe connections for wear.

Any bushings found to be cracked, misshapen, overly softened or torn will be replaced with equivalent aftermarket or OEM parts designed to withstand performance suspension stresses. This comprehensive replacement restores the ultra-precise feel and sharp turn-in these special vehicles were engineered to deliver. Proper bushing maintenance combats the sloppiness that creeps in over the miles to keep your GT’s handling razor sharp.

3. Sticking Throttle Body Actuator

To provide immediate throttle response befitting a LeMans racer, the 2005-2006 Ford GT utilizes an electronic drive-by-wire throttle control system. This uses a computer-controlled actuator motor within the throttle body to position the butterfly valve that meters intake airflow. Unfortunately, these actuator motors and throttle mechanisms can still stick and bind up due to carbon buildup and contamination.

Sticking throttle components cause erratic idle, hesitation/stumbling on acceleration and impaired high-RPM power delivery as the valves hang up. When actuators intermittently stick, you may experience surging or jerky power delivery. Stuck closed valves can cause sudden power loss as airflow is unexpectedly cut off. These issues quickly sap the incredible drivability these special vehicles offer when operating properly.

If your 2005-2006 GT suffers from rough/erratic idle, hesitation under acceleration or reduced power, the root cause may be a sticking throttle body in need of precision cleaning and calibration. Our Ford GT specialists will remove and meticulously clean the throttle body assembly, safely removing any deposits on the delicate butterfly valves and actuators. Components are inspected for damage during the process as well.

Once precision cleaned and calibrated on our advanced electronic equipment, your GT’s throttle body is reinstalled with fresh gaskets to continue providing lightning-quick response and confident high-RPM power. This maintenance combats contamination buildup for silky smooth operation worthy of the GT’s LeMans heritage.

4. Coolant Leaks From Radiator/Hoses

To deal with intense heat generated by the 2005-2006 Ford GT’s supercharged 5.4L V8 putting out 550+ horsepower, an efficient and robust cooling system is critical. Coolant is pumped through an aluminum radiator via specialized hoses and components to maintain safe operating temperatures. However, with age, the OEM plastic/rubber pieces can crack and fail.

When radiators, hoses, tanks and fittings eventually leak, precious coolant escapes the pressurized system. This causes interior temperature gauges to begin climbing as heat is no longer adequately dissipated. Unchecked cooling system leaks lead to catastrophic overheating incidents and severe engine damage from excess heat and friction.

If you detect coolant leaks through visible green fluid trails underneath the engine bay, sweet coolant odors permeating the cabin or rising temperature gauge readings, have your 2005-2006 GT inspected immediately. Even minor seepage must be addressed swiftly on these high-performance vehicles.

Our techs pressure test cooling systems to identify the exact location of leak points. We then replace the degraded rubber hoses, cracked plastic tanks, leaking gaskets or porous radiator cores so the system can hold pressure and coolant properly. This comprehensive replacement ensures operating temperatures remain in the safe zone to protect your high investment GT powerplant from disastrous overheat damage.

5. Loose Timing Chain Tensioners

To ensure precise camshaft timing events crucial for engine performance, the 2005-2006 Ford GT 5.4L supercharged V8 utilizes a timing chain system rather than vulnerable rubber belts. The chains themselves stretch minimally, but the hydraulic tensioners keeping them taut degrade and fail over decades of thermal cycling.

When oil pressure bleeds down in worn hydraulic tensioners, they can no longer keep timing chains pulled tight. The excessive chain slack creates audible rattling at idle as the cam timing events become sloppy. Allowing loose chain tensioners to fail completely risks jumped chain timing and catastrophic engine damage from contacting valves.

If your high-strung GT V8 suddenly develops rattling or knocking noises predominantly at idle, the root cause may be failing timing chain tensioners no longer taking up proper chain slack. Our technicians will diagnose tensioner health using oil pressure tests and tensioner leakage inspections.

We recommend full tensioner replacement with updated Ford parts before complete tensioner failure and timing chain derailment. This prevents bent valves and piston collisions as slack chains jump timing. Proactive tensioner replacement ensures your expensive GT investment continues purring smoothly for years rather than risking a blown powerplant.

6. Headlight/Taillight Malfunctions

Like any vehicle as it ages, the distinctive round headlights and taillights on the 2005-2006 Ford GT can suffer issues over time including bulb burnouts, socket and wiring faults. These problems quickly make vehicles unsafe by reducing visibility as well as inviting fix-it tickets.

Typical GT lighting issues include failed high/low beams, running lights, turn signals and brake lamps. You may also experience intermittent function as wires and connectors degrade. In some cases the body control module managing lighting functions can also fail, causing widespread issues.

Our technicians will thoroughly diagnose any lighting issues your 2005-2006 GT experiences using circuit testing equipment and wiring diagrams. We check for simple problems like dead bulbs first, but have advanced tools to troubleshoot complex faults in control modules or wiring shorts/opens that can be tricky to isolate.

If basic bulb or socket replacement cannot restore proper function, we dig deeper into root causes. Whether it is tracing shorted wires, corroded connectors or faulty control modules, we won’t rest until blown bulbs or flickering lights are banished for good. We use quality replacement parts with durable construction that won’t fail prematurely.

Our comprehensive lighting system repairs get your one-of-a-kind GT shining brightly again, maintaining visibility and compliance so you can continue enjoying these vehicles safely and reliably. We understand the importance of preserving originality and functionality in coveted modern classics.

7. Transaxle Seal Leaks

To reliably channel the 2005-2006 Ford GT’s immense power to the rear wheels, a heavy-duty 6-speed manual transaxle was designed specifically for high-performance capability. However, even the best components wear over time and use. Transaxle output shaft seals are common points for gear oil leaks as they harden and shrink.

You may notice reddish drips or seepage from the transmission bellhousing as the rear main seal fails to contain gear oil pressure. Small leaks tend to worsen rapidly as seal lips further deteriorate, and low fluid levels caused by leaks will make transaxles noisy during shifts. Ignoring leaks risks burnt clutches and damaged synchronizers.

Our GT specialists thoroughly degrease and clean transaxle housings to trace leaks to their source at output shaft and clutch fork seals. We then replace worn seals with OEM or improved aftermarket seals designed to endure high RPM without leaking or hardening prematurely. The fluid is also changed to eliminate any accumulated metal debris.

This renewing of worn drivetrain seals halts leaks in their tracks before clutch or gear damage occurs inside these unique Ricardo transaxles. Our proactive maintenance keeps your rare GT shifting confidently while preventing the nuisance of fluid trails being left in your prized car’s wake.

Trust the Ford GT Service Experts

Owning this exclusive modern supercar comes with specialized service requirements to keep all its advanced systems operating flawlessly. As Ford GT specialists, our technicians have the advanced diagnostics experience and specialty tooling to properly maintain these important vehicles without damage or unnecessary replacement of rare OEM parts.

Whether you’re experiencing electrical gremlins, leaks/seepage from age or suspension/shifting concerns, we provide transparent diagnoses and repair options tailored specifically to the 2005-2006 Ford GT. Our goal is upholding the quality and enjoyment these landmark vehicles deliver.

Contact Precision Auto Care if your GT develops any issues requiring factory-level service. We provide repairs and maintenance for San Leandro-area Ford GT owners with care and attention focused on preserving the vehicle’s unique character. Call to schedule an appointment today!