We’re a top rated local Audi A8 repair services shop in San Leandro, CA. At Precision Auto Care in San Leandro, CA, we’ve become the go-to repair shop for Audi A8 owners facing the unique challenges of maintaining their luxury vehicles. Our expert team has seen it all when it comes to the Audi A8, and we’re here to share the most common issues this model faces and how we provide effective solutions.

As a trusted auto repair shop serving not just San Leandro but also the neighboring communities of Oakland, San Lorenzo, and Hayward, we understand the importance of keeping your Audi A8 running smoothly. Let’s dive into the details of these common problems and how we tackle them head-on.


Major Tune-Up

Looking for a top-rated local auto repair shop to tune up your vehicle? We offer major tune-up services including spark plug replacement, oil change, belt and hose replacement, windshield wiper replacement, fluid refilling, tire check, balancing and rotation, and more. Schedule an appointment today!

Brake Replacement

Is it time for new brakes? Are you hearing any squeaking or screeching coming from your car? It may be just your brake pads, or you might need a complete brake replacement. Just bring your car in or have it towed to our shop and we’ll take a look.

Door Micro Switch Failure

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from Audi A8 owners is about door micro switch failure. This issue can manifest in several ways:

  • Doors not opening easily
  • Doors not locking properly
  • Inconsistent door sensor readings

The solution to this problem is usually straightforward – replacing the faulty door micro switches. Our technicians are well-versed in this procedure and can have your A8’s doors functioning flawlessly in no time.

Loss of Power Steering

Another critical issue that has led to recalls for certain Audi A8 models is the loss of power steering due to a fluid leak on the return hose for the hydraulic power steering system. This problem can significantly affect steering comfort and safety. The most common symptoms include:

  1. Stiff or heavy steering
  2. Whining noise when turning the steering wheel
  3. Visible fluid leaks under the vehicle

In most cases, replacing the return hose solves the problem, restoring the A8’s light and responsive steering. However, our technicians always perform a thorough inspection to ensure there are no underlying issues that could cause further complications down the road.

Air Suspension Woes

The Audi A8’s air suspension system is renowned for its smooth and comfortable ride, but when it fails, it can turn your luxury driving experience into a bumpy nightmare. The most common culprit is the air compressor, which can wear out over time. Symptoms of a failing air suspension include:

  • Sagging or uneven ride height
  • Rough or bouncy ride quality
  • Warning messages on the dashboard

In some cases, a simple replacement of the air compressor can fix the problem. However, more severe cases may require a complete overhaul of the air suspension system. Our experienced technicians can diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action to get your A8 riding smoothly again.

Engine and Turbocharger Troubles

Under the hood, Audi A8 owners may encounter issues like engine rattles and turbocharger defects. A rattling noise coming from the engine compartment could be due to a deformed engine compartment seal, which our technicians can replace quickly.

Turbocharger problems, on the other hand, can be more complex. Symptoms may include:

  1. Noisy acceleration
  2. Reduced engine power
  3. Excessive smoke from the exhaust
  4. Engine not starting (in extreme cases)

Diagnosing and repairing turbocharger issues requires specialized knowledge and tools, which is where our team at Precision Auto Care excels. We have the expertise to get your A8’s engine and turbocharger back in top form.

Transmission Troubles

Audi A8s built between September and December 2019 may experience a grinding noise during gear changes due to gear oil escaping into a faulty welded joint on the gearbox oil line. Replacing the oil line is usually a straightforward solution, but it’s crucial to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage to the transmission.

In addition, the A8’s 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox may exhibit problems like jerky shifting or slipping gears, which can stem from worn components or lack of maintenance. Our technicians can perform a thorough inspection of your A8’s transmission and recommend the necessary repairs or maintenance to keep it shifting smoothly.

Electrical Gremlins and Airbag Recalls

Given the Audi A8’s array of advanced technological features, electrical issues are not uncommon. These can range from minor glitches to more serious problems that require diagnostic and repair by a qualified technician. Our team at Precision Auto Care is well-equipped to tackle any electrical gremlins your A8 may face.

Additionally, some Audi A8 models have been affected by recalls due to issues with the NADI airbags manufactured by Takata. If your A8 is subject to this recall, it’s crucial to have the affected airbags replaced as soon as possible for your safety. We can help you navigate the recall process and ensure your vehicle is up to date with all necessary safety measures.

Oil Consumption Concerns

Lastly, Audi A8 engines, particularly the V8 and W12 variants, may exhibit excessive oil consumption. This issue can be caused by various factors, such as:

  • Worn piston rings
  • Faulty valve seals
  • Damaged or clogged PCV system

If you notice that your A8 is consuming oil more rapidly than usual, it’s essential to have it checked out by a professional. Our technicians can diagnose the root cause of the problem and recommend the appropriate repairs to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

At Precision Auto Care, we understand that your Audi A8 is more than just a car – it’s a statement of luxury, performance, and style. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs and maintenance services to keep your A8 in top condition.

If you’ve noticed any of the common issues discussed above or have any other concerns about your Audi A8, don’t hesitate to bring it to our San Leandro auto shop. Our expert team is here to ensure that your driving experience remains as smooth, safe, and enjoyable as possible. Trust us to take care of your Audi A8, so you can continue to enjoy the unparalleled comfort and performance it was designed to deliver.