We’re a top rated local Acura ILX repair services shop in San Leandro, CA. We service the greater East Bay area, including San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward, Oakland, and San Lorenzo. Precision Auto Care is San Leandro’s leading expert on repairing Acura ILX vehicles. Over our 30+ years serving this community, we have identified and resolved numerous common problems with these models. This article overviews the seven issues we see most frequently at our shop and how we set ILX owners up for a smooth driving experience.


Major Tune-Up

Looking for a top-rated local auto repair shop to tune up your vehicle? We offer major tune-up services including spark plug replacement, oil change, belt and hose replacement, windshield wiper replacement, fluid refilling, tire check, balancing and rotation, and more. Schedule an appointment today!

Brake Replacement

Is it time for new brakes? Are you hearing any squeaking or screeching coming from your car? It may be just your brake pads, or you might need a complete brake replacement. Just bring your car in or have it towed to our shop and we’ll take a look.

Airbag Issues

The 2013-2014 ILX sedans were included in the major Takata airbag recall due to risks of inflators exploding and shooting shrapnel throughout the cabin. We address this by fully replacing each recalled airbag assembly with the updated version containing a reliable propellant without the same volatility issues. Our technicians follow official recall instructions to ensure the highest safety standards.

Unintended Acceleration When Braking

Drivers of 2016 ILX models have reported alarming incidents of sudden acceleration while braking. After thorough examination, we’ve found the root cause to be glitches in the electronic throttle control mechanisms. This essential system manages communication between the gas pedal and engine. To give our customers confidence on the road, we walk through advanced diagnostics on the full electronic throttle control unit and replace it if faulty behavior is observed.

Driveshaft Problems

Two separate issues led to driveshaft recalls in the ILX. For 2013-2015 vehicles, we inspect the entire driveshaft for corrosion and signs of cracking, which can lead to critical failure points. In 2016-2019 models, we check for early separation of the driveshaft from the companion flange that connects it to the transmission. Our team replaces the driveshaft or half shaft assembly based on the findings of these comprehensive inspections.

Engine Stalling Due to Faulty Fuel Pump

The 2019 ILX recall focused on defective Denso fuel pumps that were causing unexpected engine stalls. Our technicians have specialized training to replace the entire fuel pump module and outlet port to prevent this dangerous issue. We also confirm the fuel tank is free of contamination before buttoning everything up and double checking our work.

Reduced Headlight Visibility and Fire Hazard

With the 2013-2014 ILX headlight recall, we examine bulb sockets, connectors, and casing for corrosion and damage. Affected vehicles can have significant reductions in visibility or even melting and sparks from headlamp housing. Our lighting system evaluations identify necessary repairs for safe nighttime driving.

Engine Performance Concerns

When ILX owners notice their mileage drop or acceleration suffer, we dig into root causes like failing ignition coils, clogged fuel injectors, contaminated engine oil, and more. Based on diagnostic findings, we restore smooth performance via spark plug replacement, fuel injection cleaning, intake valve services, and other tailored corrections.

Seatbelt Issues

Faulty seatbelt routing that allows excessive looseness has caused safety recalls in the ILX. Our technicians thoroughly test belt retracting, check for damage, and confirm proper position of brackets and anchors. We repair any issues following official service instructions to give confidence in occupant protection.

Protect Your Acura Investment

While designed for reliability, even top-rated models like the Acura ILX have their common bugs across generations. As San Leandro’s highest-rated auto service center, Precision Auto Care has the experience to accurately diagnose problems and the expertise to fix them right the first time. We invite ILX owners to contact our knowledgeable service team or stop by the shop to protect their investment with professional maintenance and repairs.