Porsche Macan owners expect exhilarating performance and luxury from their premium SUVs. However, even these finely engineered vehicles develop issues needing skilled diagnosis and repair over time. At Precision Auto Care, our ASE certified Porsche technicians have specialized training and tools to resolve common Macan problems and keep your vehicle running at its peak.

Whether you’re experiencing drivetrain issues, fluid leaks or suspension faults on your Macan, we have the expertise to get your vehicle back on the road in prime condition. We provide friendly, transparent service to Porsche owners in San Lorenzo, Oakland, Hayward and across the East Bay area.

Transfer Case Leaks (2015-2018 Macan S, GTS, Turbo)

On 2015-2018 S, GTS and Turbo models, the transfer case can develop leaks at the seals and gaskets. Signs include reddish fluid under the center of the vehicle. Letting gear oil levels fall can damage the internal gears and bearings.

Our techs will replace the leaky gaskets and seals with updated parts to stop transfer case leaks at their source, preventing further drivetrain damage. We also top off the gear oil to proper specifications.

Oil Leaks at Timing Covers (2015-2018 Macan S, GTS, Turbo)

The timing chain covers on 2015-2018 Macan S, GTS and Turbo 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engines are also prone to oil leaks as their gaskets deteriorate. Oil leaks can cause low pressure and lubrication failure.

Our Porsche specialists will accurately diagnose the source, whether it’s the front or rear timing cover. We’ll reseal the leaking cover with fresh gaskets and top off the engine oil to prevent further leaks and serious engine damage.

Coolant Leaks at Thermostat Housing (2015-2018 Macan S, Turbo)

On 2015-2018 Macan S and Turbos, the plastic thermostat housing tends to crack over time, resulting in coolant loss. Ignoring leaks leads to overheating risk.

We’ll replace your leaking thermostat housing along with any damaged hoses or components. This prevents the leaks from worsening and causing engine damage. It also ensures the cooling system maintains proper operating temperatures.

Carbon Buildup Causing Misfires (2015-2018 Macan S 3.0L V6)

On 2015-2018 Macan S models, carbon buildup on the intake valves can cause cold start misfires. Misfires damage the catalytic converters if left unchecked.

Our techs will perform walnut shell blasting, a non-invasive cleaning process that removes carbon deposits from the intake valves and ports. This restores proper airflow and ignition performance, eliminating misfires and preventing further damage.

Water Pump Failure (2015-2019 Macan)

With age, the water pumps on 2015-2019 Macans are prone to bearing wear and leakage due to their belt-driven design. Pump failures lead to overheating, possible engine damage.

We replace failing Macan water pumps along with their accessory drive belts. This keeps the cooling system circulating properly to maintain the correct operating temperature range and head gasket seal.

Front Axle Vibration & Failure (2015-2019 Macan S, GTS, Turbo)

On 2015-2019 S, GTS and Turbo models, the front axles can deteriorate, causing vibrations and even catastrophic failures. Damaged axles leave vehicles undrivable.

Our Porsche specialists will thoroughly inspect the front axles, joints and boots for excessive wear or leaks. We replace any damaged axle components with high-quality parts to prevent breakdowns and safety issues.

PDCC Hydraulic Leaks (2015-2019 Macan Turbo with PDCC)

2015-2019 Macan Turbos with PDCC (Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control) can develop leaks in the hydraulic lines or actuators. PDCC improves handling precision but leaks reduce performance and roadholding.

We diagnose and repair any PDCC hydraulic leaks to restore optimal function of this advanced active roll stabilization system. Proper PDCC operation is vital for realizing your Macan Turbo’s world-class cornering abilities.

Trust the Porsche Repair Experts

Porsche engineers vehicles for incredible capabilities, but maintenance is key over tens of thousands of miles. Our ASE certified Porsche technicians have the specialized skills and equipment to properly diagnose issues on unique systems like PDCC. We use quality OEM parts and fluids for reliable repairs.

Contact Precision Auto Care if your Porsche Macan is experiencing drivability or reliability problems. We provide friendly, transparent service to San Lorenzo area Porsche owners. Schedule an appointment today!