Has your Toyota Avalon been feeling a little bumpy and unstable on the road lately? If so, you’re not alone. Suspension issues are very common in Avalons, but the good news is that Precision Auto Care in San Leandro knows how to fix them. As a trusted repair shop for San Lorenzo drivers and beyond, we’ve fixed these seven common Avalon suspension problems countless times before. Bring your car in and we’ll have you back to a smooth, enjoyable ride in no time.

Connecting San Lorenzo with Quality Repairs

Here at Precision Auto Care, we understand how inconvenient suspension problems can be. We know you rely on your Avalon to comfortably and reliably get you where you need to go. That’s why we make it our mission to provide drivers in San Lorenzo and surrounding towns access to prompt, high-quality suspension repairs. Our technicians stay up-to-date on the latest Avalon models and use advanced diagnostic tools to accurately assess your vehicle’s issues. Then we recommend the most sensible solution to restore that smooth ride you’ve been missing.

Worn Out Shocks and Struts Lead to Bumpy Rides

One of the most frequent suspension issues Avalon owners face is worn out shocks and struts. These parts are essential for soaking up vibrations and keeping your car stable. But over years of use, they lose effectiveness and need replacement. Some clear signs are excessive bouncing, nose-diving when braking, or uneven tire tread wear. At Precision Auto Care, we install new OEM-grade shocks and struts to drastically improve ride quality.

Air Suspension Systems Prone to Failure

Select Avalon models from 2000-2012 came equipped with air suspension for an extra-plush ride. But these complex systems can spring leaks or compressor issues that make vehicles sag and handle poorly. Fortunately, our technicians are experts at diagnosing and fixing all air suspension problems. Whether it’s damaged springs, leaks, or compressor failure, we’ll have your ride back to factory standards in no time.

Ball Joints Wear Out Over Time

Ball joints connect your Avalon’s control arms to the steering knuckles, enabling smooth suspension and steering movement. But over time, they wear out and must be replaced. Symptoms include steering looseness, clunking noises during turns, and uneven tire wear. If caught early, only the joints need replacement. But in severe cases, full control arm assemblies may need installation. Our team will thoroughly inspect your ball joints and suggest the most effective fix.

Faulty Sway Bar Links Affect Handling

Your Avalon’s sway bar links connect the sway bar to the suspension, reducing body roll around corners. When these short links wear out or break, you may hear clunks over bumps and feel wandering in the steering. Our technicians will examine your links for damage and replace any worn-out parts to restore stability and precise handling.

Control Arm Bushings Wear Out

Control arm bushings are rubber pieces that insulate the suspension from vibrations. But over time they crack, tear, and lose flexibility. Symptoms include clunks during suspension movements, wandering handling, and accelerated tire wear. Our team will determine if your Avalon’s bushings need replacement and install durable, long-lasting parts to renew smooth suspension function.

Strut Mount and Bearing Failure

Located at the top of each front strut assembly, strut mounts and bearings secure the struts and allow proper steering rotation. These components eventually wear down, leading to steering wheel vibrations, clunking noises during turns, and uneven tire wear. Our technicians will check for mount and bearing damage. If replacement is required, we’ll have you steering smooth again in no time.

Harsh Impacts Can Damage Coil Springs

Coil springs support your Avalon’s weight and provide a smooth ride by absorbing imperfections in the road. But over the years, corrosion, and occasional harsh impacts, springs can weaken and even fully break. Symptoms include sagging vehicle height, clunking over bumps, and increased vibration through the cabin. If our inspections reveal spring damage, we will replace them with heavy duty, OEM-grade springs to renew ride comfort and support.

For expert diagnosis and repair of common Toyota Avalon suspension issues, Precision Auto Care is San Lorenzo’s trusted experts. Our knowledgeable technicians stay current on the latest models and repair procedures to accurately assess your vehicle’s issues and recommend sensible solutions. Don’t tolerate worn out parts compromising your ride quality and handling another day. Call or visit our San Leandro shop to schedule an appointment today! We service all makes and models and provide free vehicle inspections.