Known for its sporty handling and family-friendly interior, the midsize Ford Edge offers compelling SUV capabilities. Yet even quality vehicles encounter problems over time. At Precision Auto Care, our ASE-certified master technicians leverage years of experience to help Edge owners resolve common issues.

From transmission woes to air conditioner failures, we break down the most reported Ford Edge problems across different model years. We also provide troubleshooting tips and proven solutions to accurately diagnose issues and make all necessary repairs for peak performance.

Transmission Slipping and Hard Shifts

Ford Edge models from 2013 onward have been prone to transmission problems ranging from harsh shifts to complete failures. We first road test the vehicle to experience issues firsthand. Then we thoroughly inspect the transmission fluid, sensors and solenoids for abnormalities. Replacing faulty sensors or seals can restore smooth shifting, while those with catastrophic damage may require a transmission rebuild or replacement.

Brake Pedal Stiffness and Reduced Braking Power

Owners of 2007-2015 Ford Edge models commonly notice a hard brake pedal and increased stopping distance—clear signs of a faulty brake booster. Our technicians test and verify complaints of braking issues. We then inspect the vacuum-based brake booster system for leaks and operation. Rebuilding or replacing the brake booster, related hoses and valves rectifies stiff pedal feel and lackluster braking power to restore safety.

Corroded Fuel Tank Leading to Leaks

Select early generation Ford Edges have experienced corroded fuel tanks causing dangerous gasoline leaks. We carefully examine the exterior and interior of your fuel tank for corrosion damage or cracks. If deterioration is spotted, we first try cleaning and sealing the tank. When corrosion is too severe, though, Ford fuel tank replacement is the proper permanent fix to prevent hazardous spills.

Unexpected Airbag Warning Lights and Codes

If your Ford Edge displays airbag warning lights or fault codes, don’t ignore them. Intermittent or permanent warning lights signal deeper electrical issues impacting airbag functionality. Our diagnostic scans pinpoint root causes of airbag problems. We recalibrate, repair or replace airbag system components to ensure full functionality and your safety in a crash.

Power Steering Fluid Leaks

Power steering fluid leaks lead to whining noises on turn-in, difficult steering assist at low speeds and fluid stains. We thoroughly clean all traces of power steering fluid then meticulously inspect the pump, gear housing, pressure lines and seals for cracks or damage causing leaks. Promptly replacing worn seals and components remedies leaks and prevents premature pump and rack failures down the road.

Electrical Gremlins Causing Warning Lights

Fussy Ford Edge models may produce false warnings like persistent “door ajar” alerts when systems actually check out fine mechanically. But it pays to diagnose electrical faults early before cascading problems occur. Our electrical specialists use scan tools and testing procedures to trace warning light causes. Pinpointing and repairing glitchy body control modules, sensors and wiring prevents more serious issues.

Overheating Air Conditioning Systems

Some Ford Edge models are susceptible to air conditioning system overheating, resulting in blowing warm air when cooling is needed most. We methodically assess your A/C components to identify faults allowing excess heat buildup. Our comprehensive A/C service includes replacing faulty condenser fans, flushing contaminated refrigerant lines and installing upgraded compressor components to restore reliable, robust A/C cooling.

With expertise spanning all Ford Edge model years, Precision Auto Care delivers accurate troubleshooting and quality repairs for any common issue plaguing your SUV. We take complaints seriously and provide transparent recommendations for the best fix at fair prices.

Don’t tolerate nagging vehicle problems that hinder performance and strand you unexpectedly. As San Leandro’s leading Ford service center, Precision Auto Care has the tools, training and experience to resolve your specific issues properly the first time. If you live in Oakland or the Bay Area, contact us today to request thorough inspections and repairs to get your Ford Edge running right.