As a long-time, ASE-certified Mercedes-Benz repair shop serving Castro Valley and the greater East Bay Area out of our location in San Leandro, the team at Precision Auto Care has worked on countless GLC crossover SUVs over the years. This has given us an in-depth understanding of some of the most prevalent issues that crop up in these popular luxury vehicles. By being aware of the key problem areas, GLC owners can hopefully catch problems early and better maintain the health of their ride.

Transmission Woes

Easily one of the most reported issues we see in the GLC involves the transmission. Specifically, drivers often notice rough shifting, hesitation when accelerating, the vehicle slipping gears, or warning lights indicating a transmission control module failure. What causes this? Contaminants slipping into the transmission fluid, low fluid levels, or even faulty solenoids can prompt the troubles. Our technicians thoroughly diagnose the transmission using specific computer tests. If the problems stem from contaminated fluid, we drain out all old fluid and replace it with fresh Mercedes-approved fluid. For more involved failures of components like the valve body or torque converter, more intensive repairs or rebuild work may be needed.

Infotainment Headaches

Today’s cars rely on intricate infotainment systems to handle everything from navigation to entertainment. The GLC’s COMAND infotainment platform certainly provides plenty of functionality. However, with great capability comes more opportunities for issues to pop up. Owners may encounter COMAND randomly rebooting, applications freezing up or crashing altogether, or connectivity problems with phones and media devices. Our service team leverages specialized diagnostic tools to methodically inspect COMAND and detect points of failure. Perhaps a recent software update contained bugs that require reinstallation of an older version. Or possibly a component like the display screen, integrated hard drive, or control module needs replacement due to a hardware defect. Our COMAND troubleshooting skills equip us to get this critical system back up and running smoothly.

Parasitic Battery Drain

Walking out to your GLC to find a fully drained battery – despite hardly driving it lately – can leave you scratching your head. But parasitic current draws that slowly sap the battery overnight are not uncommon. Multiple issues can trigger this vampire-like effect. A malfunctioning alternator not properly charging the battery, damaged battery terminal connections resulting in resistance, shorted circuits in convenience electronics, or even a failing battery itself represent possible culprits. Through targeted electronic testing for current draws and thorough electrical inspections, our technicians track down the specific component causing the offending energy drain. Whether it’s alternator repair, wiring harness replacement, or a new battery, we have your electrical system woes covered.

Sensors Going Haywire

Modern vehicles rely heavily on an array of sensors to control critical systems like braking (ABS), stability (ESP), engine performance, parking cameras, blind spot monitoring, and more. So when these sensors fail, things get serious in a hurry. Faulty wheel speed sensors can disable ABS brakes, a bad throttle position sensor may cause poor acceleration and stalling, or glitching sensors around the transmission lead to gear shift problems. Our shop troubleshoots Mercedes sensor issues through scan tool diagnostics and meticulous visual inspections. We confirm exactly which sensor needs attention, replacing just that component. Trust us for comprehensive sensor testing, troubleshooting and service – getting your GLC’s electronics running right.

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