If you’re driving around Oakland and notice your vehicle exhibiting symptoms like rocking, clunking noises, wobbling, or uneven tire wear, this indicates suspension problems that require prompt diagnosis and repair. As your trusted Bay Area auto service shop has extensive experience assessing and fixing all types of common suspension issues to restore safe handling and a comfortable ride.

From our  shop conveniently located to serve Oakland drivers, our ASE-certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to accurately pinpoint any suspension defects. Once diagnosed, we provide exacting repair and parts replacement to return your vehicle’s suspension to proper working order. Here’s an overview of some typical suspension issues we address:

Excessive Rocking and Bouncing 

This sideways teetering motion that continues after hitting a bump likely signals failed shocks or struts no longer able to dampen springs. Our technicians will conduct rebound tests on each corner, replacing any overly shaking components restoring stable control.

Steering Wheel Vibration and Heaviness  

If your steering wheel shakes excessively or feels tight and heavy, potential causes are broken suspension parts or worn control arm bushes needing replacement. We’ll thoroughly inspect the steering and suspension, identify any looseness or play, and swap out defective parts to stop annoying steering wheel judder.

Knocking, Clunking Noises Over Bumps

These types of sounds usually emanate from shocks and struts that have lost their cushioning capacity and exhibit no rebound after compressing. Our repair process involves pinpointing the source of the noise then replacing faulty struts to stop irritating rattling.

Oil Leaks Around Shock Absorbers or Struts

Since shocks and struts are sealed, fluid leaks indicate blown seals and the need to swap out the leaky unit. Not addressing this promptly risks further damage plus oil drips on the driveway. We will replace any seeping struts or shocks leaking oil or fluid.

Excess Chassis Movement or Wheel Wobble 

Too much play or looseness in the wheels may signal suspension misalignment or worn control arm bushings. We’ll check for any slack, tightening parts as needed or fitting new bushings until wheel wobble disappears and wheels turn true without excess motion.

Sudden Weight Transfer Issues

Braking or accelerating causes the car weight to shift to the front or back. Too much transfer shows the suspension is no longer keeping the chassis balanced and level. Our technicians will adjust alignment settings or replace any underperforming suspension components to restore even weight distribution.

Scalloped Tires Point to Suspension Defects

When tread depths become uneven with “scalloped” patterns, this clearly shows that suspension problems are leading to improper tire wear. We’ll troubleshoot and replace any defective parts until tires once again wear down evenly across the breadth of the tread.

By accurately diagnosing your suspension issues and providing precise repairs to resolve them, We keep customers throughout Oakland and surrounding cities driving safely and comfortably. If you notice any symptoms of suspension problems, schedule service at our shop.