The BMW 4 Series is the vehicular symbol of energy and aesthetics, from its luxurious interior to the beastly powertrains. It’s a car anyone should be proud to have. 

Central to the BMW 4 series’ drivability is its suspension system; hence it is important to keep it in great condition. The best way to do this is by ensuring that the suspension system is properly serviced and maintained. We have compiled a guide that tells you everything you need about your BMW 4 Series suspension. Shall we?

The BMW 4 Series Suspension System: Basic Information

Your BMW’s suspension is the system responsible for monitoring and managing your car’s interaction with the road. It soaks up shocks from the wheels and helps your car move reflexively over dips, bumps, and potholes. 

Every suspension system has three key parts:

  • Suspension Springs

The suspension system also comprises steel springs that work with the wheels to stabilize your vehicle on uneven road surfaces. 

  • Shock Absorbers

As the name implies, the shock absorbers are the components responsible for absorbing shocks by converting kinetic energy into heat. The heat will dissipate, ensuring the driver does not feel as much motion while driving on a bumpy road surface. 

  • Anti-Roll Bars

The Anti-Roll bars are fitted in the undersides of your BMW 4 to reduce body roll when you are cornering. 

Possible Signs of Suspension Issues

  • Veering Unevenly to One Side

If you notice your BMW 4 pulling to one side on a straight road, there is a possibility that one of your suspension components is defective. However, this problem could also result from misaligned wheels, which can be caused by hitting a pothole or huge bumps. 

We advise scheduling an appointment with our repair shop for a comprehensive diagnosis. 

  • Rough Driving Experience

Your BMW 4 is characterized by a cool and refined driving experience. So, if you notice your rides suddenly becoming bumpy and unpleasant, there may be a problem with your shock absorbers or some of their parts. 

To fix the issue, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our auto repair shop for accurate diagnostics, repairs, and replacements if necessary. 

  • Unusual Noises

The problems with your BMW 4 suspension system may also manifest through strange, clunky, or screechy noises. Experts consider this an early warning sign that your suspension needs good servicing. 

We have a team of experts at our auto repair shop ready to rejuvenate your BMW 4’s suspension system.  

  • Problematic Steering

Your BMW 4’s steering works directly with the suspension system. Hence, if something goes wrong with your suspension system, you will likely feel it while steering. For example, when the steering response feels unusually slow. 

Our repair shop’s technicians are equipped and ready to fix any steering and handling problems you might have. 

The Next Step

A bad suspension system will inevitably frustrate your driving experience. So, if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not hesitate to get professional help and improve your BMW driving experience. 

We are committed to ensuring your BMW 4 remains in peak condition. We offer excellent maintenance services, expert diagnostics, and masterful repairs. And should the problem require a replacement, we will use durable BMW parts. Contact us today to unlock the full strengths of your suspension and revitalize your driving experience.