What do you see when you’re looking at a battery that’s going bad?

Our technicians can take a look and tell you what state your battery is in, and how that’s impacting your vehicle. If you’re having problems with inconsistent power to your car, truck or SUV, come to see a shop that values you as a customer and knows how to help you with the total cost of ownership of your vehicle over time.

Batteries wear out – that’s just the reality. Over time, the cells lose some of their strength, and that eventually manifests in problems with things like cold cranking amps, and your battery’s ability to start your car. 

We help vehicle owners to keep their cars on the road more affordably, with consistent and helpful service that comes with courtesy, professionalism and friendly assistance. 

Battery Warning Signs

There are some common things that you’ll see when your battery is weakening or about to expire. Knowing the signs can help you to spot scenarios where it’s time to replace an aging battery. 

One symptom is that the vehicle may be slow to start – instead of starting right up when you turn the key or push the button, you might hear a series of sounds like cranking as the vehicle struggles to turn over the ignition. If the battery is dead, you’ll typically hear a few “click” sounds – or nothing at all. 

Another common symptom is on your dashboard. Sometimes you see a flickering light indicating intermittent battery problems. Other times, it’s a solid light that shows you there’s clearly a problem with the ignition system. That solid light may or may not be related to the starter or alternator. In many cases, it’s the battery that’s a problem. The battery no longer has the charge that it needs to initiate ignition for the vehicle.

Sometimes it might seem like you have a faulty connection to the battery. While it’s true that loose terminals or other problems can cause battery issues, those same kinds of problems can surface when your battery is wearing out.

Another thing you can look for is excessive corrosion on the battery terminals. As the battery ages, it creates this foamy, puffy residue that sits on top of the terminals and connectors. It looks bad, and can also have a negative impact on battery performance. The corrosion can be cleaned off, but it’s one of the “usual suspects” to look at if your battery is older and hasn’t been cleaned in a while. It’s also a good idea to assess the temperatures where your battery fails – does it have more trouble in colder conditions? Ask us about how that works, and what it means for your battery. 

A Good Shop

The bottom line is that you can take your vehicle and get the battery tested at a professional shop. We have the professionalism and expertise to help you to more conveniently fix battery problems and have you humming on down the road. We also have the ability to replace your battery for you at affordable prices. Don’t settle for a vehicle that only starts sometimes – every time you start your car, your battery should be there to do its job! Let our careful and attentive techs swap out an ailing battery for one that will be there for you wherever you go.