The performance of most vehicles dwindles with time; this is why you may feel your vehicle doesn’t perform as well as it did when it was still brand new. The purpose of a tune-up is to increase your BMW’s performance or restore it to its former glory. Tune-ups are a maintenance service that should be done regularly, but the specific interval depends on the type and model of your BMW.

Most modern vehicles often require fewer tune-ups due to advancements in technology as compared to older versions or models. However, tune-ups are still of high importance for your vehicle. Here are some general benefits of getting regular tune-up services from an auto repair shop:

Performance Optimization

As you use your vehicle over the years, components such as spark plugs, filters, and fuel injectors become worn out or dirty, leading to a decrease in the power output of the engine. During a tune-up, these components are replaced, and necessary adjustments are made to optimize the performance of your BMW to near-brand-new levels.

Fuel Efficiency

A tuned BMW is naturally more fuel-efficient, which saves you from spending additional money on refilling at gas stations. This is because a lot of adjustments and clean-ups are done to improve fuel combustion, maximize fuel efficacy, and reduce fuel consumption. During a tune-up, we ensure your fuel system is operating as designed by the factory.

Enhanced Safety

BMWs are known for their high-performance capabilities and safety measures to ensure the safety of both you and your vehicle. With an untuned vehicle, some of these safety features might malfunction. A technician inspects critical safety components such as brakes, suspension, and tires during a tune-up. By addressing any safety concerns, a tune-up helps you maintain control and respond effectively in unexpected situations.

What Happens When Your Car Doesn’t Undergo Regular Tune-Ups?

Since we have discussed the importance of regular tune-ups, it is only natural for us to highlight some of the dangers of not getting regular tune-ups from an auto repair shop. The obvious challenge you will get from an irregularly tuned-up vehicle is decreased performance.

Tune-ups mainly help to maintain the performance of your vehicle, so not getting your vehicle tuned up regularly will lead to reduced performance and functionality of the engine. Poorly maintained vehicles could also compromise your safety on the road, as safety features like brake pads would have greatly deteriorated.

Another adverse effect of irregular tune-ups is an increase in the cost of repairs. Turning a blind eye to routine maintenance in tune-ups may lead to more costly repairs in the long run. For instance, a simple issue like a worn-out timing belt could result in severe damage to the engine if allowed to worsen. Ignoring regular tune-ups will worsen problems that could have been avoided or intercepted with timely intervention.

Getting Repair Services from Auto Shops

If you have finally decided to undergo regular tune-ups, then there is no better place to have them than at our auto repair shop. You will get access to expert technicians with the right tools and equipment to carry out an in-depth tune-up on your BMW.