What Braking System Does the BMW 5 Series Have?

BMW does not produce its brakes. Third-party suppliers such as Brembo supply brake calipers for BMW.

The BMW 5 Series braking system comprises about 4 or 8 monobloc brake calipers, ensuring quick engagement and maximum stiffness. Also, the braking system has high-performing discs with large diameters and durable brake pads.

How to Spot a Failing BMW 5 Series Brake

A failing brake often gives signs when it needs repair or replacement. Below are some of the signs of BMW 5 series with a faulty brake:

Soft Brake Pedal

A soft brake pedal is noticeable when you need more force to engage your brake. This problem is due to wear and tear as a result of consistent car usage. Trapped air in the brake lines can also cause hard braking.

The brake pedal can also give a feeling of being loose during an engagement. A spongy or soft brake pedal shows the braking system is compromised, which can cause a dangerous problem. In addition, soft brakes often indicate other problems with the vehicle’s entire braking system.

Fluid Leakage

Leaking fluid is a sign of trouble. The master cylinder contains the fluid which provides the pressure needed to engage the brake. When fluid leakage occurs, the pressure available will not engage the brake.

Fluid leakage causes delayed engagement, which may result in accidents. In the long run, this problem can lead to total brake failure.

Squeaking or Grinding Sounds

Metal tabs near the brake produce unusual sounds when it grinds against the rotors. Too thin brake pads cause this due to wear and tear.

When the brake produces loud grinding noise when engaged, something is wrong with the braking system. One of the major reasons is the presence of a trapped foreign object in the caliper. Worn-out brake components can also produce the same sound. If this is the case, the brake needs total replacement.

Indicator Light Appears

The appearance of the car indicator light is often a sign of a  problem with the vehicle and this needs inspection. For example, some cars have indicators showing when it is time to change the brake pads.

Why Your BMW 5 Series Brake is Failing

Each year brake failure in automobiles leads to accidents. There are different causes of brake failure and some of them are:

Lack of Use

BMW 5 series brakes last long and can last between 30,000 to 70000 miles based on the owner’s driving pattern. Owner neglect can cause a failing brake system. You should not neglect brakes over a long period. They should be constantly inspected, even when not in use.


Brake pads can become faulty due to overheating resulting from excessive use. As a result, the brake pads become hardened. This hardness affects their inability to grip the rotor disk, causing delayed engagement.

Fix Your BMW 5 Series Brake System in San Leandro, CA

It is important to ensure a fully functioning brake system before embarking on a journey. A good braking system is vital to your safety during a journey. Your safety is why it is important to ensure the brakes are properly inspected.

A faulty brake can cause accidents and other problems. Ensure your BMW series 5 braking system is working properly again. Consult Precision Auto Care in San Leandro, CA, for all brake-related issues. We offer brake repair services critical for the safe operation of the vehicle. Contact us through email at pacsl@paclsca.com or phone (510) 351-8211.